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Emergency tree removal service

Did a storm come through and take down a part of your tree? Don't suffer through a dangerous situation with your trees when you can call Franklin Tree Care for help 24/7. You'll have the best service possible when removing the trees from your property.

Our locally-owned and operated partnership is experienced in all types

of tree care. You'll be able to relax knowing that your trees will be

safely removed. Our company carries insurance for your tree experts.

Licensed and insured tree experts

Over 7 years of

experience in providing tree removal service to the Franklin, NC area.

• Removal of fallen trees

• Land clearing

• Removal of dead trees

• Residential services

•Storm cleanup

• Removal of dangerous trees

• Commercial services

• Large tree removal

• Stump grinding




Tree removal services:

Whether you have big or small trees in your yard, the right equipment will be used in the tree removal project. This may vary depending on the job but it could include a power saw, cranes, and bucket trucks.


Schedule your tree removal project with our expert team, today!

Proper equipment used

Tree removal