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Proper tree maintenance begins here

You don't have to put yourself in danger while you are caring for your

trees. Call the experts at Franklin Tree Care instead! You'll be able to

have your trees expertly pruned for healthy trees that will last and enhance your property.

Franklin Tree Care is a licensed and insured business that will understand the proper techniques that should be used to trim and prune your trees. Find out just how great your trees can look with our help!

Licensed and insured

See why we have so

many satisfied customers! There is no job that is too big or small.

From planting a small sapling in

your yard to trimming down limbs that overgrown, your trees will be completely cared for by Franklin

Tree Care.


Take the weight off your trees with our trimming and pruning techniques and tactics. We are available 24/7 for your emergency tree care needs.

Complete tree care

• Storm damage repair

• Tree bracing

• Shrub trimming

• Tree trimming

• Dead wooding

• Tree cabling

• Tree pruning

• Trimming of bushes

• Trimming of shrubs




Tree maintenance includes:

pruning service